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MSR Swipe Mini – 100mm 3 Track USB

Mini MSR Swipe – 100mm 3 Track USB



MSR Swipe Mini is a three-track magnetic stripe card reader with a serial USB output. Fairly easy to use and highly efficient, the MSR magnetic stripe card reader derives power from a serial port via a USB cable for fast order processing.

Swipe the shopper’s card and get all the information unencrypted on a device screen. No drivers or software are needed. Just hassle-free serial connection for faster order processing and checkouts.

  • Manual MSR Swipe Mini encoder
  • Length: 100 mm
  • Type: 3-track magnetic card
  • Interface: USB
  • Swipe: Manual, single direction

The all-in-one MSR Mini Swipe card reader can take care of all information, payment, and identification needs in point of sale, hospitality, retail, healthcare, events, and other applications.

Weight 10 kg



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