5 Trendiest POS Hardware Options for your Retail Store

5 Trendiest POS Hardware Options for your Retail Store

When it comes to retail businesses, entrepreneurs know that their POS systems are the lifeline for smooth operations. Due to the high number of store visits that retail companies have to cater to, a POS system makes life easier for them in managing such a high turnover. POS systems in retail are used to capture data related to sales, inventory, and customer management.

Being the foundation of the success of your business, having the latest POS hardware in your store will make it highly convenient and easy for you to service a large chunk of customers. The best POS systems have robust inventory management, reporting tools, and transparent pricing, all while being utterly easy to use.

POS systems also vary as per the needs of the retail store. Having said that, if you have a physical retail store and want to know about the most trending POS hardware systems today, then read on below.


The Best Retail POS Systems for Your Retail Store

Every year the retail industry enjoys an upheaval in terms of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. These innovations allow retail stores to operate efficiently without any lags in customer service.

The trendiest POS hardware systems in 2023 are:

  • Samsung Bixolon Pole Display

The Samsung Bixolon Pole Display is a premium customer display machine with easy-to-read information and lightning-quick data transfer. This piece of hardware has a Vacuum Fluorescent Display, with a high display quality and wide viewing angle.

Bixolon has an enhanced customer display with POS applications that can be run on PCs. This machine can take multiple forms of commands and has crystal clear visibility with optically matched lenses. It's also very affordable and can be utilized by smaller retail players as well. The product has a captivating design with an adjustable rod that can be fixed at varying lengths at your convenience.

  • Star Micronics Cash Drawer

This ultra-cool mini cash drawer is all you need to safely lock away your earnings for the day. Available in multiple sizes and styles, the Star Micronics cash drawer has a stunning glossy black and matte finish with an optional stainless steel finish at the front.

The product has over ten different lockset options for security and accepts US and Canadian dollar bills with 5 and 8 coin slots.

The cash drawer includes a standard cable and a foldable hinged key designed for both the drawer and the till. There are also optional accessories that you can buy along with this product which include a dual drawer secure cable, a cover for the till, and an adapter cable. The dual drawer secure cable allows you to connect and operate two cash drawers to a single printer.

In addition, the product has a single-year warranty, with options to extend the period to 2 and 4 years.

  • Epson Multifunction Scanner and Printer

Another innovative device to have in your retail store is the Epson TM- S9000II Multifunction scanner and printer. It's a full-suite multifunction device that can scan ID cards print cashier's checks with an in-built thermal receipt printer. The printer comes with an LCD display for easy management of the device.

This printer cum scanner is truly an ingenious machine with fast scan speeds and a 100-check document feeder. Ads to that up to 16 endorsement printing lines, and you genuinely have POS hardware that can significantly enhance your in-store productivity. Epson multifunction scanner and printer comes with a 2-year limited warranty with support services from Epson.

  • Mini MSR USB Keyboard

When it comes to retail POS systems, bigger isn't always better! Introducing the Mini MSR USB keyboard with three-track capability and a unique bi-directional reading capability. This machine includes a USB interface cable and is fully compatible with computers and other terminals with a USB interface

This USB-powered emulation card reader can function for keyboard interfaces and can send data as a USB keyboard. The data can be viewed in any text application without any extra drivers or programming. Moreover, it doesn't require any power supply as it operates on a USB Bus. The machine has a dual-colored LED display and can read ISO standard cards, with the capability of 1,000,000 passes.

  • UnyTouch Resistive True Flat Zero Bezel LED Touch Monitor

Unytouch touch screen monitors are an excellent choice for retail players for the rigorous use by their employees. The 15" monitor is perfect to handle customer service requirements even when you're witnessing heavy traffic in your store.

The product has USB and serial interfaces and includes a power supply and all the required cables. It's powered by Celeron J1900 (Quad-Core, 2GHz) with a compact enclosure, cable management bottom cover, and a steady base. The touchscreen monitor also has a one-year warranty for the replacement of parts.

Unytouch's monitor has 4 USB Ports, 1 VGA Port, and another cash drawer port. The monitor is as trendy as it gets with a 15" TFT LCD Active Matrix Display with another 10" customer display.

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