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With UberEats-certified printers, you can print receipts effortlessly and simplify kitchen orders. The Uber Eats app allows you to print receipts directly from the restaurant dashboard with compatible receipt printers. These printers can be connected to your device via LAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth.

Master Distributors has the leading UberEats-certified printers for fast checkouts and seamless customer servicing. If you're an Uber Eats partner restaurant or kitchen, we have top-rated printers to increase your service efficiency.

We have Uber Eats printers from prestigious brands like Star Micronics with a host of Uber Eats-friendly features.

UberEats Compatible Printers at Master Distributors

UberEats-certified printers allow you to print receipts for your order directly from the UberEats app. You can connect your Android or iOS device with these printers depending on the type of tablet provided.

UberEats-approved printer models at Master Distributors include the Star Micronics TSP143III and the Star Micronics TSP654II. These models come with built-in Bluetooth that can be directly paired with your tablet.

Whenever your customer places an order, you can directly select and print the order from your tablet to save time that will otherwise be spent on the manual processing of each order. This is extremely beneficial when your kitchen is getting multiple orders at once or is used to high-volume orders daily.

Top Features of UberEats Compatible Printers

As a restaurant or kitchen owner, you'd naturally want the best hardware to maximize your order processing efficiency. So we have broken down the top features of UberEats-certified printers so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Features Star Micronics TSP143III Star Micronics TSP654II Remarks
Power Supply In-built power supply External power supply Easier to replace the power supply on TSP654II in case of paper supply failure.
Print speed 250mm/sec 300 mm/sec Not much difference. But TSP654II is ideal for those who want to print orders at super fast speed.
Decurl feature Auto de-curl No Decurl feature The TSP143III flattens receipt before delivery for easy readability without the paper curling back on itself.
Charging port USB charging port available No charging port Print receipts and charge your tablet at the same time with TSP143III.

Which Uber Eats Printer Should You Buy?

Both printers have their advantages and are highly efficient in printing order receipts, and we recommend you purchase the one that suits your needs.

Our recommendation would be the TSP143III, owing to its decurl function that straightens receipts for the order rail, and its USB charging port that allows you to print and charge your tablet simultaneously.

However, if you're looking for a fast print speed and hassle-free replacement of the power supply, the TSP654II is better suited for you.

So maximize your customer servicing productivity with UberEats-certified printers at Master Distributors. To know more about UberEats partner printers or to speak to us, feel free to contact Master Distributors via phone or email.